Year 8 English Students' War Poetry

In Year 8 English this term, in acknowledgment of ANZAC Day, the students explored a series of poems which portrayed experiences of war. We began with World War 1 poetry and then studied some more recent poems based on the Vietnam War and Middle Eastern conflicts. Each poem exposes different perspectives, experiences and reactions to war, immersing the students through vivid description, figurative language and other poetic devices.

The students then completed an assignment, aiming to convince the A. B. Paterson community that war poetry is a powerful platform through which to learn about experiences of war, and to read more war poetry. Please enjoy this selection of student responses.

Alegra Butler - The Hidden Impacts and Truths of War 

Ella Petzke - It is Not Sweet and Proper to Die for One's Country

Eloise Gawlik - A Traumatic Experience for All

Hrishi Modi - The Forgotten Truth

Noah McQueen - The Winds That Knive Us

Grace McQueen - The Truth About War

Jen Rush
Assistant Head of English