Year 7 Podcasting

This week, a group of Year 7 students were introduced to podcasting and began their journey with our current equipment, the Rode Podcaster Pro.

Their initial lesson involved an understanding of how to use the equipment and then how they might manage a ‘conversation’ that is similar to podcasting environments of today.

The four groups started by choosing a topic and then made notes in preparation for their recording. They then sat with the podcaster and made their own recordings. It was quite an exciting process to watch and the students really came into their own and showcased their personality and creativity when sharing in a subject that they were passionate about.

There was even talk of possibly setting up an A.B. Paterson College radio station into the future. Always thinking ahead!

Well done to the Year 7 students of Ms Elliott’s English class.

Futures focussed podcasters!

Beth Claydon | Head of Literacy & STEAM