Year 6 Winton Trip Podcasting

This week, Year 6 began producing podcasts for their upcoming trip to Winton.  Students have been learning about the various ways in which they can use digital literacies to showcase their learning. Earlier this term, they wrote an information report in English that profiled a town in Central Queensland.  Students will make their way through the towns, when they travel to Winton and back, early next term.

Students refined a passage from their polished information report and transformed it into an ‘of interest’ piece for their peers, so as to pique their interest in the towns that they will visit. Throughout the term, there has been quite a bit of discussion around what podcasting is and how this medium has recently impacted our world.  Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed producing the podcasts and have, at times, been entertained by listening back at their own voice. 

It is hoped that the podcasts will be listened to by students as they begin their bus travel to Central Queensland.  There appear to be some budding radio and podcasting producers amongst the group. Laying the pathway for future job opportunities and skills related to the changing technologies on offer to all. Stay tuned!

Beth Claydon
Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM