Year 6 Winton Tour - Days 1 to 3

Banjo Paterson (who our College is named after) penned the country’s unofficial national anthem, Waltzing Matilda, in the central-west Queensland town of Winton.

Our College continues to foster these ties with the town of Winton...

On Wednesday morning our Year 6 students embarked on their nine-day adventure journeying through outback Queensland to towns including Charleville, Barcaldine, Emerald and Longreach to Winton.

Where our Year 6 students will develop an appreciation for life in the outback and experience the values of resilience, hard work and character first-hand, while nurturing their own spirit of Australia!

Everyone enjoyed a nice stop at Dalby, then a lovely lunch in Miles, ate afternoon tea in Roma and they are a couple of hours out from Charleville, where they will set up camp for a couple of nights.

Day 1 - Wednesday 13 July

Some very happy and excited Year 6 students on their first day on Wednesday just after they left A.B. Paterson College on their Outback adventures.

There were smiles all round as everyone enjoyed a nice stop at Dalby, then a lovely lunch in Miles, ate afternoon tea in Roma and then set up camp in Charleville, where they enjoyed a warm dinner and are staying for a couple of nights - as there are plenty of amazing activities and places they visited, before travelling on to Barcaldine Longreach on Thursday!

Day 2 - Thursday 14 July

After a chilly night in Charleville, our Year 6 students experienced some very memorable visits on Thursday morning to the Royal Flying Doctors Museum, the World War II Museum and then to the Bilby and Tourism Centre. The souvenirs were an absolute hit and the beanie pin collection has begun.

After lunch, students and staff ventured down the main street of Charleville for the A.B. Paterson College Amazing Race, as they all enjoyed pitting their wits against each other to solve the mysteries of Charleville.

Thursday afternoon our Year 6 students workshopped putting up and taking down tents, in preparation for camping in Longreach.

Needless to say, there were definitely a lot of first times!

We are looking forward to sharing with you more of the exciting adventures that await our wonderful A.B. Year 6 students Friday!

Day 3 - Friday 15 July

Winton Camp 2022 greetings from this Friday's very early 4:15am pack up, a grab and go breakfast and very sleepy bus trip as they left Charleville and are on route to Barcaldine for lunch, then to Longreach to set up camp.

Stay tuned for more exciting and 'awake' photos, when we share later in the many more amazing adventures our Year 6 students are about embark on!

We will continue to update you with photos as they come in each day on the College Facebook page!