Year 6 Winton 'On Campus' Experience

This week, our Year 6 teachers, learning assistants and Mr Clacher – in collaboration with our partners in Winton – created an ‘on campus’ Winton experience at A.B. Paterson College. The purpose of this ‘on campus’ experience was to replicate, as much as possible, the unique outcomes borne from the Year 6 Winton Tour.

The College’s philosophy of Teaching for Understanding (TfU) creates a pattern of teaching where students need to be curious. Because curiosity is an engine for learning… it is less predictable but far more powerful than the current alternative: Creating a desire to get their ‘work’ done and finished.

Our Year 6 team has creatively facilitated an experience for our students that was enjoyable, full of leadership opportunities and importantly, modelled the perseverance to not give up when life (and COVID-19) got in the way of our planned trip to Winton this year.

Our students participated in activities ranging from the Age of Dinosaurs, QANTAS museum, the Cosmos Observatory in Charleville and also the Waltzing Matilda Centre and the Combo waterhole.

Below is a snippet of student reflections from across the two days:

My favourite activity was the Stockmen relay race because of the teamwork in the activity and also how fun it was to communicate with your teammates. Last of all, it was hilarious seeing my friends riding around on the horses. Nate Stoddart

The activities were super entertaining, especially when I got to hold a dinosaur in AR! I enjoyed it because I got to hang out with my friends and socialise with new people. The teachers did extremely well in planning the activities. Gabriella Cannen

This term in our Service-learning project we were asked to create a poster to spread awareness about the Save the Bilby Fund. This is a not-for-profit business that tries to raise money to help keep the bilbies from becoming extinct. And, if they can save the bilby population, it will also save another 48 species. Byron McNiven

Experiences, such as the ones created and planned by our staff, continue to demonstrate that learning at A.B. Paterson College unlocks doors to a richer future. We would like to wholeheartedly thank our partners from Winton and the surrounding areas for engaging with the College to replicate as many of the experiences possible in an ‘on campus’ setting.

Simon Edgar - Head of Junior School