Year 5 - Turning Intrigue into Imagination

The large tree in the garden between the Year 4 classrooms and the Junior Ball Courts was the scene of an incredible hullabaloo as Year 5 recall a unique and intriguing event to start our term! Students and staff alike arrived at school for the first day of Term 2 and were baffled at the jaw-dropping scene that lay before them. Over the holiday break, it appeared that someone, or something, had moved into the tree and set up home! Three tiny doors had appeared at the base of the tree, complete with a ladder and an elaborate stone walkway! Each door was unique in colour and design and the numerous brightly coloured windows at different levels around the trunk, along with a washing line of drying clothes, definitely indicated that this tree was now occupied. The new settlement did not appear to be overly friendly however, as two signs had been placed out the front reading “No Children!” and “Keep Out!”. As word spread of this phenomenon, Year 5 students took it upon themselves to consider various stories and theories behind the spectacle, pondering questions such as:

  1. Who or what has moved in?
  2. When did they arrive and where have they come from?
  3. Are they seeking shelter and safety from something?
  4. Why would they choose to move into a school if they clearly don’t like children?  
  5. Why don’t they like children anyhow?

Year 5 students were fascinated by this captivating scene and came up with many varied possible reasons for this, even wondering if there were other tiny doors located around the College? Intrigue and mystery continued to swell.

When confronted with such an unresolved situation as this, there is only one thing to do... WRITE ABOUT IT!!

The Year 5 student story tellers used this scene as their inspiration to create engaging, imaginative narratives, complete with sizzling starts, colourful characters, action-packed complications and exciting endings. We look forward to continuing to uncover and search for new and interesting ideas in the world around us and using this as inspiration when writing future narratives.

Year 5 Teachers - Dean West, Georgina Burrows, Caitlin Sterry & Kate Lawrence