Year 5 - 'A Time to Shine'

“In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening. So rather than thinking, oh, I’m going to reveal my weaknesses, you say, wow, here’s a chance to grow” - Carol Dweck.

Many exciting challenges and opportunities to learn, grow and shine await the Year 5 students as they enter their final term of this year. From team leadership opportunities to scientific investigations to app designing projects.

This term, the Year 5 students will have the opportunity to visit the Science Labs as part of their unit, ‘What’s the matter?’. Students look forward to carrying out a number of investigations related to changes in the states of matter. This includes working in the science laboratories where they explore safety measures and lab equipment. Students will enjoy investigating changes to the states of matter through a number of practical experiments.

In Design Technologies, students are embarking on an exciting project that involves them designing an app that solves an identified real-world problem. They will use the program Book Creator as a platform and tool for their digital design. Students’ designs will come complete with a home page, flow chart, app planning, data sheet and even include an app icon. Very exciting and engaging times lie ahead in terms of Digital Technologies.

Flowing on from the end of last term when the Year 5 cohort attended Bornhoffen Leadership Camp, speeches for captaincy positions were conducted last week. Presenting students demonstrated great bravery and determination as they presented in front of their peers and told their stories of what makes them unique individuals. The entire cohort of students and staff alike found these uplifting leadership messages truly inspiring and strengthening. A Growth Mindset is of particular importance as students transition into Year 6, embracing the wonderful leadership opportunities that await them with enthusiasm and zest.

Georgina Burrows, Dean West, Caitlin Sterry and Kate Lawrence | Year 5 Teachers