Year 4 Sphero Robot Cars

As part of the ‘Sphero Robot Car’ design experience, Year 4 students have continued this term to refine the development of their Sphero robot car designs that ask them to define their problem, generate ideas and evaluate solutions. Students then use a Sphero robot car to gather data related to their Science unit where levels of friction are measured and recorded using Excel software. Here students then manage and represent their findings, giving them opportunity to evaluate their data and draw conclusions.

It has been wonderful to watch the car designs unfold and for the students to engage digital systems like the Sphero robot to support the solving of a real-world problem. It is important that students learn how to use skills across a number of learning areas to ensure tasks are authentic and meaningful. Students in Year 4 have done just that and used digital and design techniques to create and drive their cars; data and Mathematics to collect and present information; and considered concepts such as force and friction in Science to establish conclusions around how their Sphero robot cars travelled on various surfaces.

Congratulations to the staff and students of Year 4 – excellence via designed solutions and innovative in their approach.

Tim Collins, Tiffany Henry, Samantha Aplin and Zoe Truss-Michaelis | Year 4 Teachers