Year 4 Indigenous BBQ and Jellurgal Excursion

While the beginning of Term 1 is extremely busy for our Year 4 students, it is also an opportunity to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the First Australians. Last week in particular was a buzz of excitement as the students enjoyed a few different experiences. On Wednesday they were provided the option to sample up to three of Australia’s native meats: kangaroo, emu and crocodile. Naturally, there was a level of uncertainty, although that was matched with excitement and an eagerness to search for the flavours in the meat. It didn’t take long for all three meat trays to be emptied! 

Friday saw the Year 4 students bus their way to Burleigh and attend the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre. At the Centre, students were greeted with a Welcome to Country and witnessed a number of celebration dances accompanied by the didgeridoo. They learnt about the Gold Coast and Tweed coastline and its significance to the First Australians. After the education they embarked on a guided walk around the Burleigh Headland. The guides took them on a journey to understand how the First Australians used the land and water through this area. Students looked at Indigenous art, how to create and use ochre (Aboriginal body paint), the creation of fishing nets that stretched the Tallebudgera Creek and different ways food was sourced on the land. Students sat and listened to the Dreamtime story on the creation of the rocks on the headland, ocean and cliff edge, as well as the how the rocks were formed at the top of the mountain! 

Well done to all students who embraced all of the experiences with the utmost respect!

Year 4 Teachers
Liam Burke, Kathleen Richardson, Zoe Truss-Michaelis and Tiffany Henry

“I loved listening to the song and dance because I’ve never seen a didgeridoo be played before.” - Max  

“I liked when we went to the mountain and heard the Dreamtime story about the giant and how the rocks were created.” - Rachel 

“My favourite part of the excursion was when we were walking and we went to the beach at Jellurgal. Our tour guide told us a story about Gawada. He was a man that turned into a dolphin. My favourite part of the BQQ was the crocodile, it tasted like chicken and was really good, and I liked the kangaroo too. It just tasted like steak and was chewy and delicious, the emu was my least favourite. The emu did not really taste good but I still ate it and tried it.” Airene 

“The meats were yum, the kangaroo was my favourite.” - Tristan 

“It was awesome to try new things, it was the first time that I’ve tried Australian meats. It’s been fun learning about how Indigenous people lived.” - Taj 

“My favourite part of the excursion was when we were doing the walk because we got to wear ochre which is a soft rock. We also got to learn some more Aboriginal stories. I also enjoyed the Aboriginal dancing. My favourite meat of the Aboriginal BBQ was the crocodile because it tasted exactly like chicken I also enjoyed kangaroo because it tasted exactly like steak.” - Clarisa