Year 10 Japanese Excursion - 'Getting Lost'

“Turning to”, “Passing by”, and “Stopping at” a landmark is essential vocabulary when trying to locate a place on a map. This term, the Year 10 students in Japanese have been trying to understand directions around a Japanese village and also give instructions for travelling around Surfers Paradise.

This week, the students put their skills to the test by heading to the Tourism Lounge and Information Booth at Harbour Town Shopping Centre. In the Tourism Lounge we learnt how the understanding of another language gave job applicants the edge and greater diversity in their roles. The bilingual attendant in the Information Centre, Chisato, tested the students with natural speed deliveries and realistic vernacular. 

In groups, the students went from the Information Centre forward, backward, to the left, to the right and had keep count of the number of shops they were passing. Throughout the excursion, the students also had to follow directions to Kabachi-Ya restaurant where they ordered a lunch and followed the teacher’s directions for good manners. 

Many thanks to Harbour Town Shopping Centre for welcoming us and putting the students listening skills to the test.

Sue Walduck
Director of Teacher Development & Effectiveness