Un-bee-lievable Spellers

On Wednesday 25 November, A.B. Paterson College held the sixth annual Un-bee-lievable Spellers Competition. This Teaching and Learning initiative has been a fun and interactive way for students to have an additional opportunity to engage and be challenged in the area of spelling. Through this competition it is hoped that student interest in the importance and value of good spelling is encouraged and that it promotes improved literacy development across the Junior School. We are so proud of the high level of spelling that these students demonstrated throughout the competition. 

Congratulations to the following students: 

Year 1 Semi finalists
Ivy Sun 
Michael Li 
Benjamin Jiao

Year 1 Finalists
Luke Williamson 
William Li 
Victoria Challinger

Year 1 Winner – William Li

Year 2 Semi-finalists
Elena Xu 
Caelan Nicholson 
Ayham Ramin

Year 2 Finalists
Alyssa Silva 
Yumi Han
William Wang

Year 2 winner – Yumi Han 

Year 3 Semi-finalists
Lunabelle Li 
Zara Oakes 
Lillian Wang

Year 3 Finalists
Nikita Harish 
Clarisa Leute 
Eric Zhang

Year 3 winner – Eric Zhang 
Year 4 Semi Finalists
Ella Rho
Olive Pullin 
Will Favero 
Year 4 Finalists
Matthew Lee
Ivy Hamilton 
Toby Musico 
Year 4 winner – Matthew Lee

Year 5 Semi Finalists
Sophia O’Brien 
Archie Zirbel 
Remy Villero 

Year 5 Finalists
Mika Lance 
Seyara Welagedara
Aiden Zhang

Year 5 winner – Mika Lance 

Year 6 Semi-finalists
Peter Que 
Cindy Chen 
Gorgia McLean 
Year 6 Finalists
Mitchell Chen 
Ashton Proverbs 
Miki Qiao

Year 6 winner – Miki Qiao 

Congratulations to all participants!

Rebecca Taylor
Deputy Head of Junior School: Teaching and Learning