The World Scholar's Cup - Regional Round

Our students performed incredibly well at this year’s Regional Round, of The World Scholar’s Cup taking out a long list of awards including Overall Champion Team in the Senior Division!

This year in our Honours and Academic Growth Program, students have been exploring the central theme of ‘A World Renewed’ across the disciplines of Science and Technology, History, Social Studies, Art and Music, Literature and Media, and a Special Area (which focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach). For instance, students explored the topic of mistakes in the judicial system and the consequential effect this would have on an individual or group of people. Each student is encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions and listen to alternative viewpoints with care and empathy. What would be your response if you were asked the following question: “Should Judges who make more mistakes than others be given simpler cases?” In this Regional Round, each team was required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the various topics through constructing and delivering a debate, writing a fictional or persuasive piece in response to stimulus, sitting an excruciatingly difficult multiple-choice exam, and – like a nightly contestant award show – working with their teammates to respond to multimedia and analytic questions in the Scholar’s Bowl. 

In the Scholar’s Challenge, Bronte Knopke, Tara Lee, and Maria Nadezhdina achieved silver awards while Dylan Selby, Rihana Jamal, and Natalie Mohajer-Iravani were awarded third place, and Simho Lee, Dorothy Hou, and Angelina Inthavong achieved second place overall.  

In the Team Debate Challenge, silver medals were presented to the following students for their team’s overall position: Marija Bajic, Lucinda Harrison, Mariam Joy, Bronte Knopke, Tara Lee, Maria Nadezhdina, Simho Lee, Dorothy Hou, and Angelina Inthavong. Silver awards were given to Marija Bajic, James Harder, and Dean Blumson for their individual performances throughout the debates, and gold individual awards were presented to Simho Lee (7th Place), Rihana Jamal (6th Place), Riley Collier (3rd Place), and Tara Lee (2nd Place). Alexander Davies, Riley Collier, and James Harder were awarded a gold medal for achieving second place overall in the Team Debate.  

In the Team Bowl, Bronte, Tara, and Maria along with Rihana, Natalie, and Dylan were awarded silver awards for their teams positioning in the Scholar’s Bowl. First place overall was awarded to Simho, Angelina, and Dorothy. In the Collaborating Writing Challenge, silver awards were presented to Simho Lee, Milos Jovancevic, Ellis Williams, and Maria Nadezhdina for their individual accomplishments. Thasindu Gunaratne, Jameel Baba, and Milos Jovancevic, as well as Alexander Davis, James Harder, and Riley Collier were awarded silver medals for their team’s overall position. Gold awards were presented to the following students: Riley Collier (7th Place), Angelina Inthavong (4th Place), Bronte Knopke (3rd Place), Dorothy Hou (2nd Place), and Rihana Jamal (1st Place).  

Some notable individual awards were presented to Dorothy Hou for achieving first place in the Special Area discipline, Aiden Bottrill for winning the da Vinci Award based on his consistent performance across all of the challenges and topics, and Rihana Jamal receiving Top Scholar Award for her cumulative achievements in representing A.B. Paterson College. For students who excelled overall across each discipline and each challenge, individual Champion awards were presented to Dorothy Hou (5th Place), Simho Lee (3rd Place), and Rihana Jamal (2nd Place). The overall Champion Teams consisted of the following students: Marija, Lucinda, Mariam (10th Place), Alexander, Riley, James (7th Place), Rihana, Dylan, and Natalie (6th Place), Bronte, Tara, and Maria (5th Place), and Simho, Dorothy, and Angelina (1st Place).   

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in this Regional Round of The World Scholar’s Cup. Through participating in this program, each student has uncovered something new about the importance of change and adaptability in our immediate or distant surroundings. As there have been so many interruptions to The World Scholar’s Cup program, it is incredibly likely that this theme will continue into the following year. At the Tournament of Champions last year in November, the organisers themselves commented that the curriculum presented serves as a broad foundation. Going beyond this – through research and reading – will enhance the breadth and depth of knowledge that could be applied to the challenges. After all, we do live in a world that is unpredictable. Who knows what question that will ask of us next time!  

Bonn Hatton - Head of Academic Excellence, Growth & Development