Terrific Titration!

Last term Angelina Inthavong, Riley Collier, Rihanna Jamal, Dean Blumson, Dylan Selby and Simho Lee competed in the QLD RACI Titration Challenge. Over 2 hours, each student performed two sets of acid-base titrations in order to determine the unknown concentration of a weak acid in a solution that was supplied to them. As a result of his excellent technique and patience, Dylan Selby achieved a Distinction award in this competition. 

This term the excitement continues in Banjo’s Science Club lunch hour sessions. Some of the challenges we will be offering include: Bird or Plane, Thanksgiving Turkey Rocket Racers, Saving Humpty Dumpty, Bat-Flyers, Catapult Launcher, High Voltage, DNA Extraction, Christmas Crystals and Christmas Bath Bombs. 

The Science Ambassadors - Rihanna Jamal, Angelina Inthavong, Simho Lee, Dean Blumson, Riley Collier and Natalie Mohajer-Irvani - and myself, hope to see some more faces this term at our lunch hour sessions this term.

Banjo's Science Club is open to all students in Years 7 - 12 and meets every week in Term 4 during lunch break in Room O6.

Robyn Dewar
Science Teacher