Term 4 Welcome Back Assembly

A warm and hearty welcome back to Term 4 which has got off to a wonderful start. We commenced Term 4 with our College Prep to Year 12 Welcome Back Assembly. Throughout this assembly we were able to celebrate student achievements in Academic, Debating, Student Leadership, Charity Initiatives and Performing Arts areas.

Prior to the Welcome Back Assembly, the Junior School students were greeted with an array of games marked around the May Gibbs courtyard for them to play on as well as handball squares clearly marked on the side of the Village Green oval. How can these games inspire inside and outside learning?

Throughout the assembly we were greeted by a number of Performing Arts items. This initially featured the Chamber Choir singing the National Anthem. Then we were treated to a wonderful performance by our Saxophone Ensemble which was soon followed by the award-winning Year 5/6 Choir with their performances – Pink Panther particularly caught my attention!

The RizeUp Charity initiative was presented. This is where some students of the College volunteered to assist families in need of accommodation. This occurred over the holiday period and is truly the definition of Service Learning as these students essentially set up a house for a family with six children which was unloaded from the back of a delivery truck.

The Scholar’s Cup Awards were presented, which the A.B. Paterson College students once again excelled in and took home a multitude of trophies and accolades. This was highlighted by the individual achievement of Matilda Grant who received one of the highest scores ever seen.

The Welcome Back Assembly culminated with the announcement of the College Leaders for 2023. The quality of the applications was extremely high, and as is always the case, we select the best candidate for each portfolio position. These processes are based upon merit alone, as it should be. What we did differently is the 2022 College Leaders briefly explained their portfolio and then introduced their successor. This will then convert into a handover process which has already commenced so the transition is as seamless as possible. As a College we congratulate these students as they take on their new leadership positions.

We are looking forward to an outstanding Term 4 and continuing to develop an even stronger College community.

Simon Edgar | Acting Head of Senior School