Technologies and Digital Literacy in Term 4

Students across the Junior School have been engaging in various activities that involve the use of technologies as well as hands-on tasks that ask them to showcase their learning. The Pre-Preps, aka Banjo and Friends, have been looking at how robots work and have started to Bluetooth the versatile Dash robot to their set of iPads. Dash lets kids explore simple, remote navigation initially and as they progress, students can then use block-based programming. Our younger students were thrilled at the ability to change colours, manipulate movement and record their own voice for Dash to talk back to them. Smiles all round!

In Prep, our students have been refining their skills around their 1:1 iPad environment and have been learning about how to better use the Camera app. For example: using focus points and ‘pinching the screen’ for zooming in/out. They then learned how to organise these files, understanding how to delete and keep files as required.

Year 2 students have focussed on digital systems this term and have ‘built’ their own laptop computer so that they are clear as to what is inside their laptop computer and how each part of the system works together to help the user – them. They will then consolidate this with the completion of the Digital System eBook in Book Creator.

In Year 3 students have been exploring the Sun, Earth and Moon in Science and decided to create a video about what they have learned about day/night and the revolution of Earth and the Moon by using a video content creation app called Flip – an application that allows students to create short videos and share them with their class. Not only does Flip allow for students to locate another medium for their expression of understanding but it also allows them to collaborate safely in an online learning environment. All of which are skills that are part of their curriculum.

On top of all of that, students from the weekly Makerspace group have embarked on creating designed solutions in MinecraftEDU, and students in Years 4-9 have been using the LEGO Spike Prime kits to create robots for competition.

It has been a busy few weeks in the Technologies and Digital Literacy space here at A.B. Paterson College. We look forward to sharing in further adventures as we approach the final stages of the year.

Beth Claydon | Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM