Swimming Club Awards

Message from the Swimming Club Committee

Our Presentation Day to conclude the swimming season was scheduled to be held on Sunday 26 April. With this new normal that we find ourselves, we’re uncertain as to when we may be able to reschedule. Having said that, we decided that before the children all forget about the season (it already seems like so long ago!), we would like to announce the recipients of our awards for the season. Rest assured that trophies and medals will follow as per usual and fingers crossed, we will be able to drag Lochie out of storage and have a fun day in the pool together to celebrate at some time in the future.

The committee would also like to make special mention of Torin and Ilza Mitchell for their outstanding BBQ efforts, and Charley Elwood for his masterful marshalling throughout the season. These people are family members of our members who come along to help us out, and we very much appreciate it. We are also very grateful to all our siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends who come along every week and help us out with timekeeping and whatever needs doing around the pool deck. 

Message from Swim Coach/Pool Manager, Peter Gee

I would like to wrap up our season with some special thanks to the people who make the Club function and also announce this year’s award recipients.

First, I would like to direct a big thank you to our Swimming Club parents. Regardless of your children’s level in our sport, there is a massive commitment involved. Without your support and encouragement this competitive swimming experience would not be possible. 

There is also another special group of parents and they are the ones who make Swimming Club and Club Nights happen. Our Swimming Club Committee works tirelessly to provide a functioning Club for all our swimmers. The tasks they perform are many, from stocking and running the kiosk, to running the BBQ, registering and reporting to Gold Coast and Swimming Queensland, communicating with our Club members, hosting special events (Sign On Day, College swimming carnivals) and providing technical support in operating the Dolphin timing system, which records and collates Club Night results. They do an amazing job and I cannot thank them enough.

Special thanks to our coaching staff for their commitment and dedication in developing our young swimmers and helping each swimmer achieve their personal goals. I know our coaching staff get a huge kick out of working with our Club swimmers and watching them achieve at all levels in our sport.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all our swimmers. From our novice competitors who only compete at Club Night, through to our competitive swimmers who have represented A.B. Paterson College Swimming Club at regional, state and national level competitions. Many long hours of preparation contribute to achieving at a high level in our sport. I can see the friendships you have formed with your training partners along the way and it is this mateship and team unity that helps you to achieve your personal best. You are a fantastic group of young swimmers who have achieved at a very high level throughout the season. Well done swimmers!

Award Recipients - A.B. Paterson College Swimming Club 2019/2020 Season

Outstanding Attendance (100% attendance or only one meet missed)   

Eve Baker, Khloe Bassi, Freya Bertsos, Huxley Bertsos, Mitchell Chen, Ashton Coward, Georgia Coward, Hannah Coward, Hudson Dilkes, Hannah Dooley, Cate Ellwood, Anthea Enger, Maria Gribanov, Patricia Kolarich, Mason Lepelaar, Melody Marks-Edmondson, Gorgia McLean, Magdalena McQueen, Joseph McQueen, Chloe Ourari, Maya Ourari, Grace Parma, Chelsea Raynor, Toby Raynor, Ewan Walker, Alexis Walmsley, Tyler Walmsley and Chloe Ward   

And a special thank you to Imogen Gay and Magdalena Kolarich who also attended and assisted at each Club Night. 

Trophies for Achievements at State Level Meets  

State Sprints:
Georgia Coward, Hannah Coward, Hudson Dilkes, Cate Ellwood, Imogen Gay, Liam Grimmer, Jonas Longhurst, Sam Longhurst, Jake Maddison, Savannah Maddison, Chloe Ourari, Alisa Robertson, Louis Robertson and Ewan Walker  

State Age and or State SC Titles:
Georgia Coward, Cate Ellwood, Jonas Longhurst and Jake Maddison

High Achievers at State level:

  • Georgia Coward 10th in 50m Breaststroke at State SC titles
  • Hudson Dilkes 7th in 50m Fly at State Sprint titles   

Overall Season Point Score Awards

  • Female: 8 and under: Magdalena McQueen
  • Female 9 and over: Hannah Coward
  • Male: 8 and under: Mason Lepelaar
  • Male 9 and over: Tyler Walmsley

Most Improved in Each Stroke for the Season

Girls 8 and under 
Free: Freya Bertsos
Back: Sarah Bulmer
Breast: Melody Marks-Edmondson
Fly: Alexis Walmsley

Girls 9 and over
Free: Grace Parma
Back: Gorgia McLean
Breast: Hannah Coward
Fly: Grace Parma

Boys 8 and under
Free: Javier Segui
Back: Mason Lepelaar
Breast: Mason Lepelaar
Fly: Javier Segui

Boys 9 and over
Free: Mitchell Chen
Back: Tyler Walmsley
Breast: Ewan Walker
Fly: Tyler Walmsley   

Coaches’ Encouragement Awards
Peter Gee:  Ashton Coward
Ric Cashman:  Liam Grimmer
Rachel Harcombe:  Bennett Longhurst
Sue Southgate:  Selina Zhang
Cheryl Glanz:  Lilyana Ozoux 

Huge congratulations to all and we very much look forward to seeing everyone back in the pool (soon we hope!).

Peter Gee – Swim Coach/Pool Manager