Song of Hope – Year 12 Japanese Class of 2020

What lies before us and what lies beyond us, is tiny compared to what lies within us. - Oliver Wendell Holmes 

Year 12 Japanese class has been focusing on the topic of Finishing Secondary School, Plans and Reflections, where students reflect on the end of their school lives, describe the significance of graduation ceremonies and end-of-secondary-school celebrations in Australian and Japanese-speaking communities, comment on personal feelings about their experiences at school, the relationships they most valued, and what they will miss as they leave. Given recent world circumstances, I adapted the syllabus-prescribed topics in a way that our students could identify with on a much deeper level, keeping in mind cross-curriculum priorities, creating another piece to the jigsaw puzzle of legacy for these students in their graduating year. 

It is the teacher who plants the seed. It is from this seed, through great toil and gentle nourishment from students, that a grand harvest is reaped. Our College values getting to know all of our students on a deeper pastoral level. Understanding each student’s unique skill set is vital. I am very humbled and honoured to present to you all our Japanese Class of 2020 contribution. We all look forward to welcoming everyone back to the College next week! 

Barriga Sensei – Teacher of Languages


In times stricken with loss and fading connections, hope acts as a prolongation of our treasured friendships and close associates. Our year 12 Japanese class have endeavoured to create a song envisioning our dreams and hopes for the future to come. The act of dreaming of a propitious future keeps us moving forward as we aim to take hold of this intangible hope within our determined hands. We are waiting in anticipation for not only the Senior School, but the whole school community to return with hopeful ambitions in the upcoming weeks. We’re looking forward to greeting everyone as they return to their classrooms, and to a life not lost but a life put on hold, now unwound and moving along like the film tape of a movie. 

Eden Kim, Year 12 Student 

Watch the video of Year 12 Japanese class - Song of Hope: