Queensland da Vinci Decathlon

A huge congratulations to our A.B. Paterson College students listed below, who were all selected to compete in the recent Queensland da Vinci Decathlon and achieved amazing results!

Year 10 Chloe Ward, Cherry Ge, Cate Ellwood, Sahas Gunaratne, Timothy Yau, Felix Chen, Alexander Readshaw and Isabelle Doo who achieved outstanding results for Year 10 in Queensland:

  • 3rd Overall in Queensland
  • 2nd Engineering
  • 1st Art and Poetry

Year 9 Matilda Grant, Lily Patterson, Lily Britton, Ramandeep Sethi, Lara Michael, Emma Zhuang, Agan Pillai and Riley Grimmer who achieved the following results for Year 9 in Queensland:

  • 2nd English
  • 1st Creative Producers
  • 1st Maths

Year 8 Kenta Yamaguchi, Cindy Chen, Louise Lee, Seeret Arora, Byron McNiven, Chloe Ourari, Lilium Salar and Mitchell Chen who achieved the following results for Year 8 in Queensland:

  • 1st Creative Producers

We are so proud of each and every one of you!

Belinda Pilgrim
Director of Student Academic Performance