Prep Transition to Year 1

This term, our youngest students have suddenly realised they only have five more weeks before they are no longer ‘Preps’. As is evident in their demeanour, they are starting to feel many different emotions. 

Our job as teachers is to help the children deal with these emotions by preparing them for the transition to Year 1. We do this by focusing on many different key areas such as routines, behaviour management, expectations, developmental needs, predictability and independence, all within a secure environment. 

When focusing on routines we make sure to maintain strong communication between the Prep teachers to provide cohesion and structure. We use this solid communication to create rules and expectations for the children, which they have an active role in establishing for themselves. These guidelines do not change and should be embedded in the children’s minds prior to starting Year 1. As the children have created the rules and expectations, it makes it easier for them to comprehend and take ownership of their own behaviour management. 

What better way to observe the children’s developmental needs than to have them learning through the College’s Teaching for Understanding (TfU) framework. Each aspect of learning is developed to cater for differentiated learning and individual expectations. As this is embedded across the College, the children will always know how their teaching and learning will be conducted, regardless of who teaches them in subsequent years. This creates predictability and confidence for the students when they first walk through the doors to their Year 1 classroom.

Over the year, we have been giving the children opportunities to show their self-regulation and develop further independence, from the sense of achievement which comes from mastering shoelaces, to letter formation and recognition in their literacy activities; they have developed a sense of belief and confidence which they will use each and every day in Year 1. 

We wish you well for the future Prep 2020 students!

Peter Nicholls
Teacher - Prep