Prep Healthy Wellbeing - Strong Foundations!

This term we have been talking about the importance of identifying our Character Strengths. We are learning that everyone has different character strengths which makes us unique but when we come together, we complement each other. Although our year didn’t start the way we all intended, we have continued to use our Growth Mindset to ensure our students are feeling safe and comfortable in their new environment. We continue to encourage new friendships and are learning how to negotiate, take turns and resolve disputes ourselves using our High 5 strategies (ignore, talk friendly, walk away, talk firmly & report).  In first few weeks in Prep, we have negotiated class and playground rules while learning about school-based routines and expectations.  

"When a child feels safe, that child is able to take the risks necessary to be in relationships, to explore, and to try new things. Simply put, feeling safe makes learning possible. Research has shown that children, who feel insecure, play and explore less, and have more difficulty with peer relationships."

We are beginning to understand the importance of a Growth Mindset and learning the appropriate language. This is challenging our students to redirect their thinking from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset. We are using phrases such as ‘I can’t do that yet…’, ‘I’ll give it a go’ and ‘mistakes are also a discovery’.  

The Prep Teachers have been discovering more about the students’ preferences and we are working towards introducing individual goal setting.  

We have enjoyed our first term of lessons with the specialist teachers for Health and Physical Education (HPE), Japanese, Music and Library. Our College is a big place, and we are getting to know our way around. 

Prep this year holds many exciting experiences and we look forward to a rewarding adventure together. 

Prep Teachers – Rebecca Barraclough, Kristina Diaz, Jacinta Lauder and Kayla McNaught