Prep - Designing Playgrounds with MakeDo

Prep have been developing their Design and Technologies skills by working together to design and build their own playground. This was an integrated unit that also included geography skills-mapping, maths-positional language and materials in science. As part of the investigating and defining stage of the design process, students looked at example playgrounds and then discussed the types of equipment that they would like to see in their playground. Materials and technologies were then explored and students were able to use various cardboard and paper materials to prototype their thinking. MakeDo was also introduced. MakeDo is a cardboard construction kit that teaches kids, through play, to see the world not as it is but as it could be. At A.B. Paterson College we are hoping to empower our students to harness their creativity to build their own prototypes with recyclable materials and MakeDo supports this. We look forward to showcasing student learning and creativity as the Prep students finalise their playgrounds.

In addition to this, Prep students have been embracing the introduction of 1:1 iPads. Students, as part of their core learning areas, have been using the iPad as a tool for presentation of understanding and sharing of ideas. New stylus pens have also been introduced to ensure students have all the tools they need to be creative and engage in their learning.

Beth Claydon | Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM