News from Year 3 Classrooms

In Humanities and Social Science this term, Year 3 students have been learning about our neighbouring countries. The students have thoroughly enjoyed researching countries such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Timor-Leste. They have investigated different countries’ locations, climates, natural features and flora and fauna. 

One of the students’ favourite countries to learn about was New Zealand. They were so interested to hear about the Maori culture and biculturalism. We discovered that in New Zealand they say Kia Ora to say hello and Maori and English are both taught in schools. “Miss Clark taught us how to say a few words in Maori!”  

I found it interesting that all the countries we have learnt about are surrounded by the Ring of Fire. Anni Lu 

I loved learning about Indonesia because my mum comes from there. I didn’t know how big it is - the population is around 273 million, which is so much bigger than Australia for such a small country. Clarisa Leute 

An interesting fact about Papua New Guinea is that it is only 4km away from Australia (Boigu Island, Queensland). Javier Segui 

I enjoyed teaching my friends about my mum’s culture. I taught them how to say ‘Bula’, which means ‘hello’. I also taught them how to count to 20 in Fijian.  Mitchell Bultitude 

Ruth Bradley, Leanne Clark, Donna Symms and Steve Farmer - Year 3 Teachers