News from Year 2 Classrooms

Snap crackle pop! Mixing and measuring has been the focus for science this term. The students have enjoyed experimenting and morphing into master chefs, mad scientists and doctors when investigating how materials can be combined. They added cornflour to water to create slime. Lava lamps erupted from oil, food colouring and Alka seltzers. Copha was melted into cocoa and rice bubbles to create delicious crackles the students enjoyed. Our experiments generated scientific vocabulary with words like combined, dissolved, emulsion and separated.

The Grade 2 classrooms have come alive this term with walls filled with native flora fauna to reflect our State Floral Emblems. Queensland’s Cooktown Orchid can be found hanging proudly in any Year 2 room with the addition of some other natives.

In HaSS, we have studied figures of historical significance. Students got to choose to research someone that has made a positive impact on society. Steve Irwin was a crowd favourite.

The classrooms soon became technology hubs when the children learnt to use book creator to explore the history of software and hardware. Their digital literacy has improved with the use of 1:1 laptops and Mrs Beth Claydon’s (Head of Digital Literacy & STEAM) leadership in this field.

To top the year off with another exciting event, the classes visited Chef Aaron for a Food Technology lesson where they made Bao Buns. These were filled with fresh delicious ingredients that the kids ate without complaint. Thanks Chef Aaron!

Daisy Ross, Donna Symms, Ashlee Lord, Kylie Schumacher | Year 2 Teachers