News from Year 2 Classrooms

Year 2M – Assembly Item

Term 3 began with excitement and enthusiasm for the Year 2M Assembly item! Human water droplets filled the LPAC, as the Year 2M students dressed in blue t-shirts and handmade water droplet headbands. They thoroughly enjoyed becoming actors and actresses as film cameras swirled around them during their water cycle performance.

It was so much fun filming the water cycle song! I really enjoyed doing the actions. Alfie Joshi

I felt really proud of myself, as I did my best to remember all the dance moves. Westin Willmot

Following this the children shared their fractured fairy tales. This included Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gingerbread Man.

I enjoyed dressing up as Mother Bear and it was really fun doing the actions. Milly Weissel

I liked sharing my story, Little Red Riding Hood, with everyone and it was fun to write an alternative ending. Anushka Khosla

Finally, the Year 2M students shared information about the water cycle. They learned vocabulary such as transpiration, precipitation and catchment.

I felt confident sharing information about the water cycle and I was proud that I memorised my speaking part. Oliver White

Year 2S – Art

In Year 2S we have been busy creating lots of different art using a variety of mediums modelled on different artists. We have created dragons based on the poem Custard’s Dragon in the same style of Eric Carle. Our dragons are made of torn tissue paper. We have also created a Pablo Picasso inspired self-portrait called, The Colours of Me which shows our face, both front on and a side-profile. We love doing Art!!

I liked making my dragon because it was fun creating it out of paper. Harper Shi

It was fun making a dragon out of tissue paper and making it have fire come out of its mouth. Allan Zhang

I liked making the dragon because we got to use collage and I took my time and care to make sure it was neat. Elena Xu

I loved making my Picasso face because art is my favourite thing. I took my time and care with it and it shows the front of my face and the side of my face. That’s pretty tricky! Alana Liew

I liked making my Picasso face because I love to paint and do art. Rory Home

The Picasso face is very interesting and not boring because you use bright colours not skin colours and it shows two sides of my face. It is very creative. Rohan Bajaj

Year 2R – Coding

Coding kings and queens emerged from Term 3’s Technology unit. Students became experts in programming and decoding games made with Minecraft, Angry birds and BB-8. There were occasions when emotions were heightened because of the wheel of doom, but persistence paid off and everyone enjoyed versing the computer at their own game. Who would have thought that in Year 2, students would be creating their own algorithms?

I liked angry birds coding because it is cool trying to twist and turn not touching obstacles. I loved it! Magdalena McQueen

The thing I found tricky in coding is that when we had to make our own, it was confusing. I got stuck on level 4 but debugged it eventually. My favourite coding is Minecraft. Myles Thompson

The Minecraft coding was the best. What I found great about it was when we planted crops and made a train track. Hannah Saxby

I liked the Flappy Game because you got to move Flappy through the poles. Emily Wong

Year 2B – Technology

Year 2B has been a hub of creativity this term with students enjoying using their artistic skills to design and create toys. They started the term with exploring different toys and how they move. This linked nicely to our Science unit on ‘Forces’. After exploring different movements, they then had the opportunity to build their own cars using balloons to make them move. This proved difficult at first, but students displayed many character strengths throughout these lessons, including perseverance and teamwork. After a little bit of evaluating and testing, we managed to get some of our cars moving! Well done Year 2B!

I enjoyed designing and making my car because you could use your own mind and creativity. Liliana Bunch

I liked building the cars because I like to have fun and I really enjoyed making it. Angelyn Song

It was fun trying to see if I could get it to move and I liked working with my friends. Summer Mitchell

I enjoyed being able to try again and test it. I kept having to try different wheels and tape. Jason Hu

I really enjoyed being able to build my car. Christian-James Kujenga

I found making my car hard but also lots of fun.  It was hard because I had to keep trying to get it to work but I enjoyed doing this. William Wang

Year 2 Teachers – Rebecca Barraclough, Kylie Schumacher, Samantha Middleton and Daisy Ross