News from Year 1 Classrooms

In Year 1 this term, we have been learning about procedures and students have had the opportunity to participate in many fun-filled activities that have supported our learning focus.

As part of our English unit, the Year 1 students have learnt to write clear and interesting procedures using appropriate structure and language features. Isabelle Glover, Year 1L, liked writing a procedure on how to catch a dragon as well as following instructions on how to draw a dragon because it was challenging but fun. Tomas Castano Martinez, Year 1F, enjoyed learning how to make a jam sandwich as his class was required to explain the steps to Mr Farmer. Tomas thought it was funny because they forgot to tell Mr Farmer to use a knife to spread the jam on the bread.

The Year 1 classes were invited to join Mr Dwyer in the Food Technology kitchen to make giant, delicious marshmallow cookies. This exciting opportunity encouraged them to practise their listening skills as they carefully followed Mr Dwyer’s recipe to create the cookies. This experience developed students’ understanding of the importance of procedure structure as well as having clear and concise steps to follow to ensure success.

“I enjoyed when I made cookies with Mr Dwyer because I got to mix the chocolate mixture and it smelt delicious. I also cracked my very first egg but I accidentally got some shell in the mixture so Mr Dwyer helped me.” Naomi Zhang, Year 1P

Afterwards, once they had completed baking, Mr Dwyer delivered the warm, gooey marshmallow cookies to the Year 1 classes to be eaten and enjoyed!

Within our classrooms, many wonderful and exciting scientific experiments have taken place. Such experiments were conducted with the purpose of exposing children to changes in materials, however, they also linked perfectly with our learning of procedures. The students were amazed by vinegar and bi-carb soda volcanic eruptions, melted chocolate chips, popping popcorn and spaghetti art.

“I enjoyed doing Science because we got to do experiments and we got to investigate things. I liked wondering how it happened and then learning about how the experiments worked.” Ruben Jung, Year 1H

“I learnt that chocolate could be melted with your fingers. I enjoyed that I got to draw what it looks like and I also got to write about it afterwards.” Leanne Hertzog, Year 1H

During our Technology lessons this term, we have been fortunate to receive visits from Ms Claydon who demonstrated how to program Bluebots with an algorithm. Students learnt to apply their knowledge of procedures and the importance of having clear steps in order to successfully program their little robots. Ella Liang, Year 1H, shared, “I like that the Bluebots are cute and that their eyes can light up. We can make them move by pressing the arrow buttons. It’s fun because you get to watch it move very smoothly.”

In Year 1, we aim to provide opportunities for students to share their learning with their families in order to create conversations and continued learning experiences at home. Jaspar Bolger, Year 1F, was excited to take home his pancake recipe and make pancakes topped with jam with his mum and dad. During National Simultaneous Storytime, as students received their bookmarks and ‘Family Tree’ seeds, the Year 1s wrote a procedure on how to plant a seed, which they were able to take home with their bookmark to carry out.

We look forward to concluding our term with a few more exciting and interactive procedure related activities!

Year 1 Teachers - Jade Lucy, Angie Hall, Natalie Pierron, Steve Farmer and Kim Kemp