News from the Year 5 Classrooms

In Term 3, Year 5 students have embraced new learning and topics with great enthusiasm.

In Science, students are studying animal adaptations and investigating the effects humans are having on the ocean environment. They are seeing how land and marine animals need to adapt their behaviour and physicality to survive in challenging environments. Each class is constructing a sculpture from plastic waste, brought in from home, to be displayed in the Year 5 area. Students are contributing to whole class discussions about how our behaviour affects the plants and animals in their environment, the amazing adaptations animals make to survive and what action can be taken to reduce our effect on the planet.

During Mathematics, we are comparing, adding and subtracting fractions as we work towards using our fraction knowledge in real world worded problems. The importance of multiplication and division accuracy learnt, from Term 1, has resulted in greater accuracy with fractions learning.

In English, we continue to complete ‘Big Writes’ about science topics and Australian Gold Rush themes.

This term in HaSS, there is a heavy focus on the Gold Rush with students learning about life on the gold fields, people and migration, mining and mining equipment, laws and licenses and the problems that were encountered.

In Literacy, students are busy reading, researching and writing about Gold Rush topics as they work towards making a Virtual Museum to present their knowledge. They are writing information texts, where they focus on the structure of the genre and how to develop sentence and paragraph structures as they change their notetaking into well-worded and structured paragraphs.

Watercolour painting is a focus in art, as students learn a variety of techniques as they paint native Australian plants.

Tracey French, Judy Russell, Caitlin Sterry & Genevieve Whittington - Year 5 Teachers