Junior School News

As we welcomed the Year 6 cohort from the unforgettable Winton Camp, preparations have begun for the Year 5 Leadership Camp in September. Although the camp is still a few weeks away, the Year 5 cohort have already started reflecting on what leadership means and have had a taste of some leadership responsibilities bestowed upon them.

Last year’s Year 6 cohort started the Frivolous Fridays initiative as a spin off from Mingling Mondays. This initiative was well received by students and staff. This year, the Year 5 cohort have taken on the initiative to ensure that Frivolous Fridays lives on. The aspiring future leaders have had the opportunity to volunteer and be nominated to spend time in the Prep precinct on Fridays and enjoy having their lunch alongside the Preps and then enjoy mingling and playing games together. The Prep students look forward to Fridays and the Year 5 students have indicated that the experience has been rewarding and heart-warming.

There is much excitement amongst the Year 5 cohort as the chatter regarding the upcoming camp is building up. The camp offers a progressive and innovative way for the College to support individual character growth for all students. They will have many opportunities to further improve their leadership skills and make positive contributions in their teams. Thank you to all the Year 5 volunteers this year for their contribution to Junior School.

Sara Bakanay | Acting Head of Junior School