Junior School Annual Poetry Competition

The annual Poetry Competition was held on Monday September 5 and Tuesday September 7. This was a wonderful event celebrating our love of Australian poetry at A. B. Paterson College.

What is poetry? According to a world-famous poet, Robert Frost; “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”. Poetry sparked a variety of emotions in the finalists of this completion. Some were moved by sadness, grief and anger while others were moved by happiness, passion, pride, and a sense of justice and many more. Poetry has played an important part in shaping our history. Poets tell stories to capture the richness, strength and vitality of our society and a sense of what it means to be Australian. Let’s not forget who our College is named after, Andrew Barton Paterson, who was one of the greatest Australian Poets of all time. The audience enjoyed listening to a rich collection of beautifully recited poems. There were 3 categories: Traditional, Contemporary and Own Poem. We had 3 finalists for every category in each year level. It was an incredible accomplishment to be selected to perform.

I would like to express my gratitude to our wonderful adjudicators who took time to be part of this special event. Mr Darren Harvey (Assistant principal), Ms Rebecca Taylor (Deputy Head of Junior School: Teaching and Learning), Ms Cailyn Hoffman (Director of Early Learning), Ms Anne Wood (Head of English) and Miss Kimberly Costello (Assistant Head of English) were invited to adjudicate and they did a fantastic job. I would also like to acknowledge and thank our teachers who worked to instil a love of literacy and poetry and the skills to create the beautiful poems. Of the finalists who performed, the following students were awarded first place in each category:

Thank you to teachers and parents for supporting our students in their quest to produce and perform outstanding poems.

Sara Bakanay | Acting Head of Junior School