Junior Interschool Chess Competition

On Thursday 25 August, a small group of students from our Junior School Chess Team, participated in the Term 3 Interschool Chess Competition at Coomera Springs State School. Twelve very eager and excited club members gathered at the Tucker-bag, before heading to the bus to participate in the day’s competition. On the way to Coomera Springs, the students very excited; discussed strategies, different moves, and the most effective ways to achieve a checkmate! Upon arrival, we checked in and students enjoyed a friendly round of chess before the competition started. Once the competition was underway, the entire hall went silent and our club members went into 'game mode'. Our A.B. Paterson College Chess Club students displayed determination, perseverance and grit as they competed in seven rounds of chess throughout the day, competing against ten various schools from the Gold Coast community.

Round one was off to a flying start with Harper, Aidan M, Toby, Alana, Ethan, Hamza and Rachel all scoring first place in their respective divisions. The next few rounds saw Aidan M, Ethan, Hamza, Emily, Toby and Jason continue with their winning streak! During round 6, we cheered as Taysin won his game and then we ventured to watch Alana’s game as she wisely made strategic moves in a high stakes round, which captivated the audience as we watched in awe! Throughout the day, Maxim, Harper and Aidan T, displayed kindness and positively and supported their peers throughout each round with a positive mindset and words of encouragement.

A very special congratulations to Hamza Orakzai for participating in his very first chess interschool competition, who remained calm and displayed tactical strategies throughout the day. Junior Chess Club would like to congratulate Ethan McIntyre who won every single round throughout the day; well done, Ethan!  

Mr Trent Davis and Mrs Lena White were very impressed with how all our students utilised their thinking skills, displayed logic and playing ability throughout the day. They represented the A.B. Paterson College very well and they should all be very proud of themselves.

Well done to all chess players and keep up the fantastic work! Junior Chess Club runs every Monday afternoon from 3:30pm – 4:30pm in the Winton Centre. Please keep an eye out in Parent Lounge for details about our up-coming and final interschool event which will be held towards the end of Term 4 – more details to come!

Trent Davis and Lena White | Chess Club Co-ordinators