Junior Interhouse Track & Field Carnival

It has been an extremely busy start to Term 3 with the Junior Track & Field Carnival taking place in the third week back from the mid-year break. It was fantastic to see the students engage so readily and involve themselves wherever they could to muster points for their respective house and/or age champion points.

Congratulations must go to Mackellar for taking out 1st place at our 2022 Junior Interhouse Track & Field Carnival. The overall results are shown below:


1st Place        Mackellar House     2362.0
2nd Place      Wright House          2295.5
3rd Place       Lawson House         1952.0
4th Place       Dennis House          1774.5

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded age champion placings for their accumulation of points throughout the carnival:


Furthermore, it was exceptional to see so many College records fall at this Carnival. One of these records, the 9 Year Boys Discus, was held by the current Assistant Head of Faculty in our HPE Department, until Mitchell Cutajar broke it at this year’s Carnival. Congratulations to all students listed below for breaking College records, some of which have stood for many years.


Mitchell Cutajar       9 Years Boys 100m               16.47
Mitchell Cutajar       9 Year Boys Discus               20.65m
Allan Zhang             9 Year Boys 100m                 16.47
Liam Glover             11 Year Boys High Jump       1.35m

A big thank you must go to all of the College’s coaches for their dedication they have shown to the program and guidance and support they have provided our students over the course of Term 2: Mrs Leana Joyce, Mr Steve Jackson, Mr Matt Stopel, Mrs Tennille Mitchell, Ms Sona Preiszlerova, Ms Emelia Surch, Mr Noah Fielding, Ms Jasmine Hayes, Ms Jess Hughes, Mr Darrell Menezes and Mr Warwick Ford.

Additionally, thank you to the Netball Club Canteen for working tirelessly over the course of the day and providing A.B. Paterson College staff and students with an array of food and drink options. A huge thank you is also owed to the Maintenance team and Grounds staff who assisted with the set up and kept the ovals in great shape despite the mischievous cockatoos and unfavourable weather in the lead up to the big day.

Hopefully, all students can show us much passion, determination, and teamwork at the Junior APS Track & Field Carnival on Thursday 4 August as they demonstrated at our Interhouse Carnival.

Lachlan John Webb | APS Squads Coordinator