Good Luck Class of 2020!

The Class of 2020 is truly like no other - we were the first year of compulsory prep, the first official year of Year 7 being Senior School, and the first cohort that will be assessed under the ATAR system. Now, a cohort of so many firsts is about to take our last steps of our final year at the College.

I don’t imagine anyone could quite have anticipated how this year has gone. In some ways, we are incredibly lucky to have only had 49 days of quarantine this year compared to other states and countries now, but amongst the uncertainty, we couldn’t help but wonder exactly how things were going to change. Regardless, we found new ways to connect online, through new initiatives with the College or coming together as friends. In the absence of routine, the guarantees of school life, amidst the great unknown we all became just a little bit more grateful for the people around us. 

Having an occasion to be able to celebrate in these times is something that has been few and far between, so for our last term at the College, we made sure to make the most of every moment we had left. Our celebrations began with the Pity Party, a celebration organised by the College Leaders back in Term 3, before class celebrations, themed hair days for the girls, and crazy socks came into play for our final week. Perhaps a highlight for our grade was the heated Students vs Teachers Volleyball game last week, with some spectacular dives, spikes and quicks bringing us to an excellent victory for our extraordinary cohort. 

Even though the next few weeks will be extremely difficult with our external exams rapidly advancing, the light at the end of the tunnel is within reach. We are so close to the end, and I would like to take a moment to thank every member of the College community for their support of our cohort over the years.  Without you we could not have made it this far, and I look forward to taking these last few steps with you backing us every step of the way. Here’s to the Class of 2020!

Sascha Lawnton
College Captain 2020