From the Year 4 Classrooms

Perseverance, self-regulation, kindness, curiosity, creativity, teamwork and leadership are only a glimpse of the character strengths that have been well and truly on display by our Year 4 cohort this term. In a year level where the introduction of 1-to-1 devices and the technology that comes with that was already significant, we have asked our students to hold on tightly and increase the pace of their learning in this space almost exponentially. 

The transition to Online Learning happened swiftly, yet the response from our students has been nothing short of incredible. Having just gained a sound understanding of Desire to Learn (D2L) and a number of other online platforms, the students were tasked with independently navigating their way through daily schedules, and a level of independence was entrusted as we introduced them to Teams, live meetings, discussion forums, online work submissions through Dropbox, email and then OneNote. All this while developing their own HOT Project (Higher Order Thinking), where Year 4 students have been asked to apply their knowledge gained from multiple subjects, combine their own research on plants and produce a presentation to display their learning! 

As staff, we are extremely proud. We know there has been a high level of resilience built in our students this term, and we know that the skills they have gained in such a short time will enhance their learning in the future!

Some quotes from our Year 4 students:

Online Learning is great. It’s interesting because I can try a variety of new things. It is also challenging because I need to do work even though a teacher is not around to supervise and help me. I enjoyed Online Learning. – Toby   

I liked Online Learning because I got to do school studies in a different way and I got to learn new things like how to use Dropbox and One Note when I was doing Online Learning. - Ella

I like doing Online Learning because I feel comfortable and relaxed when I get to do work at home. - Ivy   

The Teams meetings in the morning and afternoon work well for me because I see friends who I haven’t seen for a long time and it also helps me when the teachers answer my questions. I found working through confusing videos challenging but I just need to pause it regularly and try my best to understand. I have enjoyed doing research on the HOT Project the most. - Joe  

I found Online Learning really fun. It's been good to learn a bit more about how to use my computer and other Apps. Things that have been challenging were not having a teacher right there to ask questions and not seeing my friends, teachers and classmates. All the work has been fun but challenging. I have enjoyed getting to do brain breaks on my trampoline. I enjoyed having the Teams meeting at the start of the day to ask questions and saying good morning. It has been really good being able to go on the Teams meeting any afternoon to ask questions. – Hannah   

Liam Burke, Michelle Drebing, Tiffany Henry and Kathleen Richardson - Year 4 Teachers