From the Year 3 Classrooms

Technology has proved to be a wonderful success again across Year 3 this term as part of our Online Learning. The first part of the Technology unit was a STEAM challenge. The challenge for students was to design and build their own cooker with the purpose of helping in society in some way to heat food without electricity or a flame. 

The students were excited to work on designing, constructing and evaluating their cooking devices. Firstly, they investigated and discussed the ways that cookers already help in both our daily lives and the wider community. Students thoroughly enjoyed interacting with family and friends, discussing and sharing ideas for a variety of solar cooker models, using a variety of recycled materials to achieve their goal of being able to heat their food. They then tested and evaluated their devices, with some students even modifying their device after testing. The wonderful cooking devices created at home and school show great responsibility in ensuring they met the criteria of the challenge. 

Student comments: 

Khloee Bassi – I liked the construction part the best.
Justin Zhang – It was really fun, and it works.
Kamran Ozluer – I liked the building part the best, I used my growth mindset to be creative.
Sophie – It was great to create the things we had in our minds.
Maria Gribanov – I liked being able to be creative in the building of my cooker. 

Year 3 Teachers – Steve Farmer, Ruth Bradley, Leanne Clark & Donna Symms