From the Year 1 Classrooms

The Year 1 Teachers have been so excited to see the lovely bright faces of the children these past few weeks as we transition back to face to face teaching and learning. Resilience has been a key ingredient in this process as the students have worked together, demonstrating a growth mindset towards all classroom learning activities. This was particularly evident as students were faced with the challenges of learning in less familiar settings.

Our Pastoral Care SELF Program continues to explore areas such as growth mindset, resilience and being responsible and kind in the class and playground. We continue to discuss what it means to be a good friend and to show friendly behaviour at all times.

Discussions regarding growth mindset carry across into the classroom, as children are learning to ‘uplevel’ their work and demonstrate risk taking behaviours in their daily activities. One example of this is within our current English unit where children have been exploring the text type structure of a procedure and uplevelling their sentences to include a range of verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns. This incorporates the discussion of Vinnie Vocabulary (an important VCOP character who encourages us to include interesting ‘WOW’ words within our writing to add effect). The importance of checking over their work for self-correction continues to be emphasised. 

We look forward to the remainder of this term and valuable learning opportunities we will explore together with the Year 1 students.

Georgie Burrows, Trent Davis, Jana Kubaska and Jade Lucy - Year 1 Teachers