From the Principal's Desk

While walking around Springbrook, a few weekends ago, I came across a duck with three tiny baby ducklings, likely only a week or two old.

I know that everyone has seen ducks swimming in the water, gracefully gliding along the surface, leaving a small, almost unnoticeable ripple behind them as they swim.  You can barely see any movement of the body above the water surface. You might say that swimming is easy for the ducks, that it comes naturally.

The effortless gliding on the water surface, however, can be deceiving. Under the surface, the duck's feet are moving furiously. Ducks developed webbed feet to help them swim efficiently. While swimming, they push both backward and downward with their legs and feet. This motion provides both the lift and thrust needed to propel them quickly and efficiently through the water. Indeed, the seemingly effortless movement is only made possible by the constant effort of the feet.

This is generally how teaching works. Things are not always as they seem.  When you see people performing tasks effortlessly, it is almost always because they have devoted enormous effort to make it look so easy. To become effortless actually takes a lot of effort. There is really no shortcut to success, other than hard work, dedication and perseverance, even if you are gifted with natural talents.

In seeing how effortless this past term has seemed, it goes without saying that this effortless appearance can be attributed to our College staff. 

Our staff have intentionally focussed on working to ensure a seamless curriculum in spite of disruptions this year, and that our extra-curricular activities have continued where possible (albeit creatively different than our same activities last year); our Vocal Festivals have gone ahead, spread across three days over two weekends; Junior School Musical rehearsals (continuing this weekend) have seen staff take smaller groups to rehearse with; our Health and Physical Education team has ensured students enjoy opportunities to pursue physical activities, including Cross Country; the Prep Party was a big hit, as our five day Gold Duke of Edinburgh Camp is sure to be, next week. These were only a few of the events, but each one needed to be re-thought, re-organised and re-worked to ensure our students had the opportunity to participate. 

In addition, our Year 12 students and their teachers need a special mention.  Our Year 12 students have just completed their mock exams this past week and have left for their holidays armed with a slew of information on what to do to refine their performances for their upcoming external exams.  In addition to each student having individualised information, and beyond what is expected, our College teaching staff have volunteered to host holiday intensive programs (online and on campus) for our Year 12 students to check-in with their teachers to ensure they are optimising their learning.

This year has certainly been an eye-opener for so many reasons, however I continue to be humbled by the dedication our College staff show when it comes to privileging the success of our students. 

I hope that you all enjoy the opportunity to have a lovely, well-deserved break and I am looking forward to welcoming you back to the College on Tuesday, 6 October, for Term 4. 

Joanne Sheehy - Principal/Head of College