Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Camp

Last weekend, five Year 10 students and one Year 11 student took part in a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Camp. Unlike the more traditional expedition camps which have been based in the tropical rainforests surrounding the Gold Coast, this year’s Silver Qualifying camp took place in Brisbane as part of an urban exploration.

For all students, the qualifying camp represented months of planning and training in preparation for the three day two night Adventurous Journey. For Alex Roberts, Benjamin Elphick, Bita Shahidzadeh Mahani, Charles Morris and James Hickey, all their hard work paid off as all activities associated with the camp went very well.

Students explored the city environment working on personal projects on urban related topics.  These included new architectural provisions for the Arts, the impact of modern buildings on holiday accommodation and the influence of Asian culture on the eating habits of Brisbane.

All six students had a great time and the group dynamics, team spirit and enthusiastic approach to leadership tasks during the weekend activities were excellent. The weather was perfect for walking and visiting previously unexplored districts. It was sunny for the whole trip as students travelled on public buses and the City Cat to get to selected destinations. Students camped at the College where they cooked their evening meals and prepared their breakfasts and packed lunches. Lunch times were often spent in the beautiful parks in Brisbane’s CBD. These included Roma Street Parklands, New Farm Park and Brisbane Botanical Gardens.

A number of suburbs were explored as part of historical and cultural visits. Students took notes and recorded what they saw with video and still photographic images to create a comprehensive journal documenting their chosen topic. Notable highpoints for the students were historical and cultural trips to the Powerhouse Museum, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Queensland Art Gallery and Queensland Museum.

Andrew Sole
Head of Outdoor Education November 2020