Duke of Edinburgh Camp

During the September school holidays, five Year 11 students and two teachers took part in a combined Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh (DOE) Camp in the Mount Barney National Park. The students were Angelia Inthavong, Matthew Hickey, Jodie Down, Maria Nadezhdina and Bessie Xu.

The three night and four day camp was a practice camp as part of their Adventurous Journey requirements to achieve the DOE award. The teachers were Mr Andrew Sole (Head of Outdoor Education) and Miss Hope Foster.

Students camped within the National Park and prepared their food each day, cooking their supper on Trianga’s each night. Every day they hiked along new trails through the wilderness, exploring the amazing landscapes that surround Mount Barney. They walked for around 10 – 15 km each day.

As part of the cultural context and building a better understanding of the environment they were visiting, students did explore Rathdowney museum. Whilst there, they helped the museum curator with some of her duties.

Later this term, the same group of students will embark on their qualifying camp in the Sunshine Coast.

Andrew Sole
Head of Outdoor Education