Curious Creatures in Year 4

'Curious Creatures' and 'Wild Minds' set the scene for the exciting STEAM challenge of designing and creating a creature for the Year 4 students last Friday. All week, the students had been waiting excitedly for Friday afternoon to arrive so that they could begin the creation of their curious creatures. Throughout the week they had carefully thought about, designed and planned a curious creature that they were to create on Friday afternoon. Enthusiastic anticipation had filled the air throughout the week as collected recycled boxes and various creative materials slowly filled the classrooms. 

Friday finally arrived and the students brought out their designs and plans and began their creatures. Boxes, sticky tape, glue, paint, plastic, straws, excited chatter and discussions could be seen and heard. There were some amazing curious creatures created.

Some thoughts from our students on this creative experience:

We had lots of fun being creative and making a curious wild animal. Melody 4H

The STEAM challenge was really great, because we got to make really creative creatures with our really creative friends. Cassandra 4D

I thought that creating the creatures was really fun because we got to work in a team and I got to make some new friends from my team and now I am interacting with them every day. Toby 4R

I liked the team work. We had some issues along the way but we had to change our plan and solve an issue with our tail. The finish was still great! Daniel 4B

We made a Flamingo Diva because they are curious and have wild minds! We also decided to make a Flamingo Diva because we had such a great time reading Chicken Divas! Lucy 4H

I really enjoyed making the monster because I got to laugh and build our plan with my team. Sigrid 4R

Ending the week off with laughter, fun and creativity. I wish we could do that every Friday afternoon. Avah 4D

We got to work as a team to create something life sized. Tigerlily 4B

We used our creativity and combined our innovative ideas to make the best looking Flamingo in the College! Zion 4H

That we got to be creative and work in a team. Mila 4B

I found out that my friends and I were reliable because we worked well together. It was so much fun making our own creatures. Ella 4R

Kathleen Richardson
Year 4 Teacher