Cooking with Year 4

Recently the Year 4 classes had a taste of life in the Senior School when they visited the Food Technology kitchen. The students had a great time cooking damper with Mrs Olivier and Mrs Jeynes. This was especially interesting for the Year 4 students as they have been learning about the First Fleet and early settlement in Australia in their HaSS lessons.

The word damper was first used in England and it means to damper the appetite. It also describes a heavy form of crusty bread. Damper was essential to the First Settlers in Australia as the only available ingredients were flour, salt and water. We found out that some of the later explorers experimented by using some natural flavours such as lemon myrtle, cinnamon, wattle seed and ginger in their damper.

Mrs Olivier gave the Year 4 classes lots of clear instructions that ensured our damper came out of the oven perfectly. The smell of damper wafting around the kitchen made all the students’ mouths water. The Year 4 classes were very happy when they finally got to taste their damper. Some of them took it home to share with their families – some could not wait and tried it as soon as they left the kitchen. 

The classes had the opportunity for a mini tour of the kitchen and our College herb garden.

Year 4 Teachers – Michelle Drebing, Liam Burke, Tiffany Henry and Kathleen Richardson