College Vocal Festival

Congratulations to our talented solo singers from Years 4-12 who competed over the weekend at the College Vocal Festival. All of the students impressed our guest adjudicator, Ireni Utley, who had a very busy two days providing supportive feedback and advice for our young singers. As a singer, teacher and lecturer, Ms Utley has a wide range of experience in the world of singing, so we are very grateful that she was able to visit the College to pass on many invaluable words of wisdom.

Along with certificates, trophies, ribbons and Freddo frogs, our singers received lots of generous support and applause from their families and friends. Singing as a soloist requires confidence and bravery, so it was lovely to see nearly 80 students demonstrating these skills and character strengths, whilst also providing their audience with such entertaining performances!

A special thank you must go to Miss Newcombe for her organisation of the event, as well as the many hours she spent rehearsing with the students before school and at lunch times. Thanks to our fabulous accompanist, Mrs Marquenie and our wonderful vocal teachers, Mrs Fiddes and Mrs Bobbins. These ladies do so much for our vocal and choral program and we truly appreciate all of their hard work and support of our young singers. Well done also to our student comperes who did a stellar job pronouncing a wide variety of song names and composers in a variety of languages!

Special mention to our Adjudicator’s Choice Award winners in each category:

Year 4:  Lucas Sun and Adelynn Dazeley-Allen Year 5:  Caelum McCleery and Isla Gharaie Year 6:  Ivy Paxman, Ivy Hamilton and Zion Brown Year 7:  Tobyn O’Hara and Milly Brown Year 8:  John Ziukelis and Eva Ziukelis Year 9:  Hugo Hawke and Stephanie Lincoln Year 10 :  Chelsea Howell and Lachlan Kelly Year 11/12:  Lulu Mathers and Charles Morris

We’re very much looking forward to the Prep-3 Vocal Festival to be held in September, where we hope to see many more of our vocalists singing for their families and friends and sharing the gift of music.

Sharyn Walker-Joyce
Head of The Arts