Celebrating HPE Week

This week all students across our campus have been busy and active during lunch break to celebrate HPE Week. Activities have included a dance party in the Prep playground, touch football, a soccer shootout, a table tennis tournament and a staff V student volleyball showdown!

HPE Week celebrates the role of Health & Physical Education in schools and communities, promotes the importance of HPE in the Australian Curriculum, and highlights the importance of HPE to the learning and development of children and young people. 

On Thursday and Friday afternoons, the College grounds were buzzing with anticipation for the Years 4 - 6 and Years 7 - 12 Cross Country Carnival. The students  enthusiastically cheered for each other during the gruelling races, encouraging all participants, irrespective of their House. There was fantastic athleticism and determination on display across all year levels. Congratulations to everyone who ran, and to our podium finishers on a fantastic effort.