Beautiful Bugs in Year 1

This term, Year 1 students have been investigating the miniature world of bugs.

To start the term in Science, we took our magnifying glasses out into the community garden for a minibeast hunt. As it is winter, we had to look really carefully. We discovered, insects and arachnids are cold-blooded, so they are less active during the colder months. As the term progresses, we are looking forward to creating a habitat for our chosen minibeast in the form of a diorama. What will we need to include in our habitat to ensure we meet the needs of our minibeast?

Last Wednesday, Ms Megan from Bugs Education visited the Year 1 classrooms. She shared a wide selection of minibeast specimens and gave us some simple tips for how to identify if a bug is an insect or an arachnid. We were all given the opportunity to observe some of Ms Megan’s own pets in the form of stick insects and praying mantis. As the presentation neared its end, we were able to hold Charlie the stick insect. He was incredibly beautiful and very gentle. We were lucky enough to be given our very own mealworm pet to take home and care for. We are looking forward to observing their progress and change over the next few weeks.

  • I learned that girl praying mantis eat boy praying mantis – Taiga, Year 1F
  • Spiders are not actually insects. They are arachnids. They need to have six legs to be an insect and eight legs to be a spider. – Naomi, Year 1P
  • Minibeasts have different names, like stick insect. Heaven, Year 1L
  • There are all kinds of different insects in the world. Bright ones can be poisonous. Leanne, Year 1H

In English, we are beginning to write scientific reports about specific insects and arachnids. We are learning to order our findings into classification, habitat, features and diet.

We have many weeks left of the term to continue our minibeast research and we cannot wait to find out the answers to all those endless questions. Why are insects so important? Do insects really pollinate our fruit, vegetables and flowers? How are cockroaches essential in our gardens?  

The world around us is fascinating and we have only just started to learn about how vital the miniature creatures around our feet are. We know all living things have their part to play in the world and we are going to help by learning as much as we can about how to protect them.

Year 1 Teachers - Steve Farmer, Angie Hall, Jade Lucy, Natalie Pierron and Kim Kemp