Banjo’s Science Club Crystal Making Competitions

Crystals are everywhere. Just think of our daily lives – salt, sugar, diamonds and emeralds are crystals. LCD computer and television screens work because of the many tiny crystals inside!

In Term 3, students competed against each other to make the biggest and best crystals to enter into the Banjo’s Science Club Crystal Making Competition and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Crystal Growing Competition. Each week, students needed to record observations and modify their method in order to produce better quality crystals.

The winners of the Banjo’s Science Club Competition, who will also be entered into the RACI Crystal Growing Competition, are Jessica Tuesley, Dean Blumson, Ashton Padowitz and Matilda Grant. Special mention to Zara Khan (Dennis 8) and Zara Khan (Lawson 3) for their efforts as well.

Last week, Angelina Inthavong, Riley Collier, Dean Blumson, Simho Lee, Dylan Selby and Rihana Jamal represented A.B. Paterson College in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Titration Competition. The competition was intense and required students’ full concentration for two hours in order to achieve the most accurate and precise results. This competition took a lot of preparation and practise. Thank you to Mrs Dayaram and Ms Lee for their help setting up and supporting students in this competition.

Next term the fun continues in our lunch hour Banjo’s Science Club sessions. If you are up for some fun science activities, challenge yourself to join in. 

Robyn Dewar – Science Teacher