Art & Technologies in the Year 1 Classrooms

In Year 1 this term, students have grown in confidence in their artistic and digital literacy skills through their participation in many fun-filled lessons!

Our Year 1 artists have been inspired by Henri Matisse’s unique artworks and his use of materials and techniques to create a collage. Matisse’s art includes shapes, bright colours and paper, which means they are a great way for children to develop their understanding of abstract art, collages and how to create balance in an artwork.

The students enjoyed the process of cutting out abstract shapes, selecting bright colours and learning different folding techniques and incorporating this to make interesting and eye-catching creations. Our latest Henri Matisse inspired artworks included twisted, zig-zagged and curved folded paper that was woven, looped and arched to construct a 3D paper sculpture. Our art lessons facilitated enjoyment and creativity, as they opened students’ eyes to the realisation that artworks can be created from simple materials and techniques.

There has been much excitement in our Technology lessons this term, as our Year 1 students have been fortunate to each receive an iPad for their learning within the classroom. They have continued developing their digital literacy skills through an introduction to Book Creator. Students enthusiastically learnt about the use of this application to create and read digital books. We saw them engage in lessons due to the process of story creation and multimedia design, as Book Creator enabled creativity and visual representation of their understanding of software and hardware. Students learnt how to voice record their responses, take photos of hardware examples, search and insert pictures of their favourite digital system and incorporate text to label the features of it.

To allow further opportunities for students to develop their digital literacy skills, we have been working towards incorporating technology effectively across other Year 1 learning areas.

Book Creator also complimented our English unit on narrative sizzling start writing, where students’ creativity has been flourishing. The students enjoyed transferring their written work into a digital book as they had the opportunity to illustrate their story to make it come to life. We saw an abundance of enthusiasm and engagement when they were given the task of creating their own book, as it was personalised, allowed for creative freedom on how they displayed their ideas and showed students being proud of their creation.

Following the finalisation of their digital books on Book Creator, the Year 1 students practised their digital literacy skills by using an application provided on their iPads called Vivi, that allows them to connect to the interactive board. This created further excitement as they saw their iPad screen duplicated on the board and encouraged sharing of digital books and discussions between peers.

Recently, the use of iPads was also included in our Year 1 HaSS lesson. After inferring the use of numerous technologies from the past, students effectively used their iPads to scan QR codes on their sheets, which took them to a link to view information about the name, use and history of each artefact. This successfully enabled them to gain an understanding of old artefacts and further develop their digital literacy skills.

We look forward to continuing to facilitate students’ creativity and digital literacy skills within our lessons, using our newly acquired iPads to further enhance the curriculum and support engagement.

Angie Hall, Steve Farmer, Natalie Pierron and Jade Lucy | Year 1 Teachers