Art Camp 2020

The first day of Year 12 Art starts with Art Camp! Visual Art teacher, Barry Voevodin says, the Year 11 Art students launch into their final year studies ‘with an authentic experience, where students are exposed to inspirational events or scapes that they are not familiar with, to inspire them.' Over the three day camp, inspiration was everywhere, as students immersed themselves in nature at South Stradbroke Island and Purlingbrook Falls, as well as experiencing workshops and exhibitions at Dust Temple gallery in the Currumbin Valley and the Tamborine Mountain Heritage Centre. 

Thank-you to the team at Southern Cross Day Tours Gold Coast – an A.B. family-owned business – for shuttling the students to their various destinations.

Some reflections from the Art Camp 2020 students:

“The 2020 Art Camp was a truly amazing experience for our whole class. Despite the inconveniences of a pandemic, Mr Voevodin, Mrs Sole and Mrs Jeynes went above and beyond to ensure we would be exposed to a wide range of artistic inspiration that will fuel our ideas for future artworks going into grade 12. 

The time we spent in nature was one of the many highlights of the trip as we were able to see life through a different lens to our everyday lives. With our minds unclouded by the familiarities of technology and distractions of society, we focused on the more subtle but intriguing aspects of nature, opening our eyes to what was right in front of us. Later, we would apply this newfound inspiration in the workshops, experimenting with new mediums and learning new ways to work with familiar techniques. Along the journey, we were inspired by our surroundings but also by the many other pieces we saw in galleries and studios. The quality of the art we had the opportunity to observe was astounding and particularly special when we were already familiar with the artists’ work as was the case with Tim Storrier, Michael Zavros and Joel Rea’s work. To see their work in the flesh was truly inspirational. 
The overall experience was incredible and something we will never forget. We are all very grateful for the opportunity to have gone on this journey and are especially thankful to those who helped organise it for us.”
Abigail Burnell
"Visiting the beach and rainforests was great as it showed me just how different nature can be, it’s beautiful because it is alive and moving. In nature we observe growth and development in living things. And what's disappointing is that these days we don't seem to notice such beauties very often."
Izabella Puzanova

"I loved the workshops we did on both Wednesday and Thursday. Not only did we have access to experienced artists encouraging us to work with art styles that we were already familiar with, but they also helped to further guide us on our artistic journeys and allowed us to better understand their own preferred styles of visual art."
Bridget Henry

"My top 3 moments/experiences from the Art camp were exploring the antique store in Brisbane, taking photographs of interesting subjects/objects and viewing the inspiring artworks at the galleries. These were great as they inspired me to use innovative and unique approaches to the art of photography. I largely found inspiration in different textures and colours that brought the locations and subjects to life. Experimentation with light also highlighted the images and contributed to creating distinctive art."
Tal Tamir

“I introduced the concept (last millennium) of an art camp to start the Year 12 journey, so as to focus each cohort on the exciting path ahead. Every year I am floored by the quality of the group in every aspect and this year’s cohort raised the bar still further with their attitude, enthusiasm and creativity. While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a Tanya Jeynes to provide the logistical elbow grease to bring the aspirational wish list of ideas to reality, a Bernelle Sole to provide expert artistic guidance and a Joanne Sheehy to support the entire concept. So much work, but so worth it.”
Barry Voevodin - Visual Arts Teacher