2021 Scholar's Cup Regional Round

The Scholar’s Cup is a strong academic competition that is unique and engages all students. What is special about Scholar’s Cup is that it is a true celebration of learning – it encourages students to apply facts and knowledge to real world ideas.

This year was equally thrilling, challenging and triumphant! Held at Hillcrest Christian College, the Scholar’s Cup Gold Coast round attracted schools from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Bundaberg and Northern NSW.

A group of 26 A.B. Paterson College Senior Students entered the competition and all students came home victorious! The students achieved some amazing results. At the end of the day, one team came away with the coveted Champion Scholars Trophy and another team was awarded Runners Up. In addition, A.B. Paterson College came home with seven trophies, 88 gold medals and 95 silver medals! All teams qualified for the next round - we are hoping they decide to hold a Global Round in Australia so the students can attend.

Congratulations to all teams:

Charlie Morris, Chloe Britton, Thirunanthanan Thirumurugan

Jasmin Richardson, Zoe Vaughan, Victoria Subero

Hamish Snow, Jojo Hou, Elizabeth Roberts

Ahmed Iqbal, Jasmine Neuffer, Amity Fielding

James Beh, Alistair Hughes, Charlotte Squire

Lucinda Harrison, Mariam Joy, Marija Bajic

Alex Vadeikis, Oliver McAndrew

Ethan Gauld, Zach Jennings, Alex Cannen

Oliver Nostdal, Benjamin Elphick, Jamie Chen

Congratulations to the following trophy recipients:

Jasmin Richardson – 3rd Highest Scoring Scholar overall

Jasmin Richardson, Zoe Vaughan, Victoria Subero – Champion Scholar’s overall

Elizabeth Roberts – 1st place Highest Scoring Scholar overall

Elizabeth Roberts, Jojo Hou, Hamish Snow – Runner Up Champion Scholar’s overall

Charles Morris – Assimov Award – for overall champion in Scholar’s Challenge – Charlie was the only student to receive gold in all six categories

Charles Morris, Chloe Britton, Thirunanthana Thirumurugan (absent from photo) – Team Challenge Champions

Belinda Pilgrim
Head of Faculty - Academic Academy