2020 Vocal Festival

To our Vocal Festival entrants, organisers and judges - we could sing your praises all day!

Across August and September, we enjoyed a total of three full days of singing, with hundreds of young artists from Prep right through to Year 12 given the opportunity to perform - that's a lot of ribbons, and a whole lot of chocolate frogs handed out by Assistant Head of Performing Arts, Miss Rachel Newcombe!

Well done everyone, and keep singing!

2020 Vocal Festival Trophy recipients – congratulations!

Hugo (Year 7) Alastair (Year 11) Chelsea (Year 8) Rianna (Year 12) Scarlett (Year 9) (Absent: Charles (Year 10))

Ewan (Year 5) Eva (Year 6) Ivy (Year 4) Olivia (Year 5) Edward (Year 4) Annika (Year 6)

Liam (Year 3) Alyssa (Year 3) Adam (Year 1) Mitchell (Year 3) Elena (Year 2) Radin (Year 2) Talia (Year 1) Nicholas (Prep) Treia (Prep) Emily (Year 2) Mia (Prep) (Absent: Leo (Year 1))