100 Days of Prep Celebration!


100 Days of Prep have been marked with a fun and exhausting day of celebrations and activities for our exuberant, resilient, bright, happy, inspiring, determined, remarkable Preps, and their amazing teaching team!

Our Preps got into the spirit of the occasion by parading in their extraordinary T-shirt designs – a big shout out to the creative geniuses who wielded hot glue guns, coloured pens, double-sided sticky tape and sewing needles to produce those fashion masterpieces! Wow!

The 100 Days celebration included lots of counting forward and backwards to 100, 100-day crowns, sunglasses, dot to dots, collecting/sorting 100 items and creating 100-day self-portraits. The Prep students were a little bewildered and somewhat horrified at what they would look like when they are 100 years old. We asked the question: What could you do when you are 100 years old?

I will stay at home and sleep. – Aiden, Prep B

I can lie down and watch some TV. – Peyton, Prep B

I could have $1000 when I am 100 years old. – Andy, Prep D

I’ll be really old and have wrinkly skin. – Evie V, Prep D

When I am 100, I will be able to reach really high. -Tommy, Prep L

I will have a wheelchair and stay up really late. - Gigi, Prep L

I want to have a tea party and I also want to have a holiday. - Astrid, Prep M

I want to have a sleep in and pat my dog. - Alexis, Prep M

Congratulations to our Preps and Prep families – what an incredible ‘100 days’ it has been!

Rebecca Barraclough, Kristina Diaz, Jacinta Lauder and Kayla McNaught | Prep Teachers