A.B. Paterson College offers a vibrant and holistic English program, aimed at developing 21st century skills.  The program is underpinned by the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Teaching for Understanding (TfU) framework, and the Australian Curriculum: English.  TfU promotes deeper understanding in a variety of relevant contexts, and the Australian Curriculum for English engages students imaginatively and critically with literature.  Reporting is under three essential categories - reading and viewing, writing and creating, and speaking and listening – providing the foundation of our English programs. 

At A.B. Paterson College,  it is imperative to focus on developing students’ awareness, accuracy, confidence and fluency in English, in a variety of contexts, modes and mediums.  The College advocates active planning for student differences, as every child learns in different ways, and at different paces.  Differentiation is a core tool used to achieve this.  An example of differentiation in English is the use of the Accelerated Reader Program for Years 4 - 6 and the PM Benchmark Reading Assessment for Prep to Year 3.  These programs allow teachers to identify individual learning goals for students; thus providing more targeted and differentiated teaching and learning for each child.  This form of reading assessment also allows teachers to communicate with children, families, and other staff members, in ensuring the promotion of student development and growth in literacy understanding.