The Academic Academy

A.B. Paterson College is excited to introduce our new sub school for 2023 – The Academic Academy

Our academically excellent students from Prep to Year 12 are catered for through a variety of enrichment opportunities. These include – but are not limited to – Project Based Learning, Ethics Olympiad, Accelerated English and Mathematics classes; and an Academic Academy Weekly Master Class. 

Challenging Competitions

We also enter our Academic Excellence students in challenging competitions, such as The World Scholar’s Cup, the Ethics Olympiad, and Da Vinci that support students in utilising contemporary and problem-solving skills, developing innovative and creative ideas, as well as developing presentation skills used for Debating and Public Speaking.

International Excursions

In addition, the Academy offers an annual International Excursion for Year 10-12 students. Students are invited to attend either Space Camp in the US or participate in the H.E.A.R.T (Humanities, English, Arts, Renaissance, and Theatres) tour to Europe.

"The Academic Academy affords students a wonderful opportunity to further enhance their academic pursuits and fulfil their educational goals. Learning lasts forever and we are so proud to facilitate their first steps on the road ahead." 
Belinda Pilgrim | Head of the Academic Academy

A.B. Paterson College recognises the importance of continually encouraging students to grow on an Academic Basis – to consistently develop their skills and broaden their knowledge. The Academic Academy works with staff and students to create programs that allow all our students to grow and achieve their true potential.

For further information, please contact Head of Academic Academy, Belinda Pilgrim at